About Boar's Head Entertainment & Multimedia





OK, so what is Boar's Head?  Well, it's me, Lawren Campbell.  I'm a one-man operation with years of experience in Photoshop and other visual arts.  I am an actor and a voice-over artist, who also knows a thing or two about heritage buildings.  I began using Photoshop many years ago while trying to restore old historic images during my days as a researcher.  When dealing with contemporary images of buildings, I created more aesthetically pleasing results by removing power lines, people, cars, etc.  Although I love taking my own pictures, as evidenced by my Photographic Art Prints page, I get just as much satisfaction out of giving clients a visual product they are happy with.

But "Boar's Head"?  The Campbell family crest has a boar's head in the centre.  Also, The Boar's Head Tavern is referenced in several Shakespearean plays.  Lucky coincidence, but I think it's appropriate!

I do a little web design, too.  It's not my specialty, but my clients seem pretty happy so far!  Check out some of the sites I designed and manage along with my own: